HP97 Printer spur gear.


Hello fellows,
who can help me to find and purchase a spur gear for my HP 97 printer? I have tried at Pic-design but with few luck. I will refund in advance all your costs.
Thanks a lot for your help.




I have the very same problem, if you found more than one i'm interested in 1 piece.

Best regards,

Nelson Sicuro


Hello Ignazio,

If you're located in Europe and if your request is about a broken idler gear (the ugly whitish plastic lego-like part), I suggest you follow Jürgen's advice posted here.

I purchased 10 of these gears, drilled carefully the center to axis dimensions and successfully restored many 9x printers this way.

GHW is a very nice and helpful person.

Good luck!


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Hi again, Ignazio & Nelson,

I've put a few images of my 9x repair here to make sure we are talking about the same thing.

Basically, this horror:

The GHW gear is as follows:

And it is very robust though quite easy to drill. Nelson, you have mail.

All the best from France.


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Thank you, Victoria, for your advice.
I've need of this gear, exacltly.

Best regards from Italy,



Yes, this is the "beast"... I can't imagine what kind of plastics this gear is built of. It "desintegrated" in my hands! Ok, 30+ years is a lot of time for a plastic gear to keep working... why a plastic one and not a metallic one? Damping of the motor's vibration?

Now I need to find a suitable 0-ring to repair the card reader :) and become a proud owner of a full-restored HP-97!

Best regards,

Nelson from Brazil


Hi Nelson,
If GHW send me soon the spur-gear I could send you a gear and a couple of o-rings for your HP-97.

Best regards



Hi, Ignazio

Etienne is kindly sending the gear and some o-rings to me, anyway thanks very much for your offer!

If I can help you guys, just ask... ;)

Best regards,


Edited: 7 Apr 2006, 2:41 p.m.


Can anyone kindly send me one of those gears? I am not good at modifying them. I would pay whatever reasonable amount you ask. Thank you.

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