HP <--> PC ?


Many HP handhelds have RS-232 ports (albeit with nonstandard pinouts). Most new computers don't have RS-232 ports, only USB.
Anybody have any good recommendations for connecting the two? I really don't want to have to copy stuff to a floppy, go to another computer, and then transfer from the floppy to the HP (and vice versa).



There are USB->RS232 converters available for a few bucks.



Do you or anyone else have any experience using such a converter with an HP handheld? Do they work well enough?


No experience to speak from here, but two companies I know of that make the interface converters are B&B Electronics www.bb-elec.com and Sealevel Systems www.sealevel.com .



I currently use Radio Shack's USB/DB9 converter. This one works under Windows XP and Linux. Under Windows, I can transfer files with my HP38G, HP48S/SX/G/G+/GX, and my HP95LX using Hyperterminal. Under Linux, I use CKermit.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.



I have the same adapter and it works very well. I use it to connect my Garmin GP12 to my PC.



No, but what I've seen is one converter that _starts_ at 1200 Bit/s. I don't remember what the 48 series needs (and have currently no access to the manual) but that might be a problem. But that one was cheap, less than 5 EUR. Other converters I saw went up to 30EUR and more so this limit might not apply to these expensive models.



There are also PCI serial or serial+centronics boards for a few bucks. This one $14 but cheaper at a big box electronics store:



I also have used the Radio Shack USB>Serial adapter on XP. It works just fine with my HP 200LX. I'm using the PC connectivity application for the 200LX, connecting the special 200LX to serial to the USB>Serial and all is well. It shows up as COM4: on my PC.

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