RAM cards for HP 95LX


Hello everyone,

I recently obtained an HP 95LX and was wondering if there are still RAM cards available for this thing. Does anyone know of a source where I could find such cards?



For those of us who live in the Lands of the Obsolete, Ebay is our friend...


Hehe, thanks for the tip. I guess what I really wanted to ask was what types of cards were compatible with this unit (not just the HP brand ones) so I can start looking. My Google searches have not really turned up any information that I could use.


Another brand of SRAM that works in the 95LX was made by ACE Technologies, and was referred to as an ACEcard. I have a 2MB card, and I think I have seen references to 1 and 4 MB versions. There are a few software utilities (format and driver) to allow cards to be used in other devices, like my SwapBox. It has been so long since I tried using the ACEcard in my 100lx and 200lx, that I can't tell you if it worked, but generally only the 200lx seems to work with a wide variety of cards.

Best of luck finding one that works,


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