Loose buttons


Hi, I don't know why, but the "ON", "0", "2" and "3" buttons of my hp48 gii are loose. It's pretty annoying, and the "0" doesn't even work very well, is there a way to repair it manually? Did this happen to anyone else?

Every time I try to turn it off, the calc locks up because I hit red shift and ON, but the ON button is loose so it locks up...


SOL on that one. When the domes go bad, it is all over :-(


Since it is a 48Gii, you have a one year warrenty on workmanship I believe. And maybe longer as it is a keyboard issue. Call Hp's service center (find it on Hp's website). Unfortunately, I do not know the number offhand. Even if it is out of warrenty, you may still be able to have it repaired (they do no such thing, they just replace) for a modest fee of approx half the cost of a new calculator ie $30-50 (although this too may have changed).


Thanks for the answer, unfortunately it's out the warranty...I'll look somewhere to fix it.

And sorry for the late answer...


I'll look somewhere to fix it.

Don't bother... The 48Gii is a disposable commodity :(

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