Anyone running Free42 on a Palm Tungsten T3/T5/TX?



Sorry to bother all of you whom this doesn't concern...

A while ago, I had a discussion with a Free42 user, about supporting the 320x480 screen on the T5. I forget who the person was, except I believe it's a MoHPC regular.

If you're that person, could you please drop me a line?

(Of course, anyone with feedback about the 320x480 support in Free42 is welcome to give feedback -- that goes without saying.)


- Thomas


(Of course, anyone with feedback about the 320x480 support in Free42 is welcome to give feedback -- that goes without saying.)

Well, as a matter of fact, my MDA Vario has a screen of 320x480 and it runs free42.

Hartstikke goed, man! ;-)

I cannot say very much about it, though. The main thing is of course that it does run, without any problems whatsoever. I installed the decimal version only.

I'm not familiar with the 42S (alas), so I cannot tell the simulator from the real thing.

I've chosen the realistic skin. It's anyway the nicest and moreover I cannot read the red prints over the keys of the standard skin. I myself would prefer the white display of the latter in the realistic skin, but then it wouldn't be realistic anymore.

The calc is somewhat cropped on this little screen. I guess that's something unavoidable. Keeping the ratio of the real calc the same on the screen surely will cause problems with too little keys.


Yes, that realistic skin probably has room for improvement -- my main objective was to verify that the 320x450 skin support works on a "real" Palm (I only have 160x160 Palms so the only way I have been able to test the large skins so far was using the PalmOS Simulator).

I hope some other kind and talented soul will step up to the plate and provide one or two nicer 320x450 skins... Graphic design is not my thing.

Anyway, glad to hear it works. Thanks for letting me know!

Met vriendelijke groet,

- Thomas

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