HP 17BII+ Flaw


HP 17BII+ has a flaw. It does not run some Solver functions writen for HP 17BII and HP 19BII. Does anybody know why?


Olá Iracildo,

Bob Wang and others have already discussed about the HP-17BII+ and the solver in this old posting:

"New" 17BII+ L() and G() strange behaviour

Hope this helps,



Olá, Gerson.
Thanks for your help. Now I know the flaw with the L() and G() functions. But my problem is another one. It is with the Summation function.
I type in the equation SUM: A = SIGMA(N:1:N:1:2xN) in the HP 17BII+ Solver. (SIGMA is the greek letter found in the ALPHA -> WXYZ -> OTHER -> MORE menu.) Surprisingly, the counter variable, N, does not appear in the equation menu. Only the variable 'A' appears. With the same equation in the HP 17BII, both variables, A and N, appear in the equation menu.
I do not know if the Hewlett-Packard Company knows this flaw of the 17BII+. The serial number of my calculator is CNA 53401455.



Does your unit still behaves the L() and G() function's flaws (as described by Bob Wang & others)?

Best Regards,



Hello Walter,
My unit does not have the L() and G() functions flaw. I tested it with Vincent Weber's equation and it gave correct results. Until now, the only flaw I saw was in the Summation function.
Best Regards



Wah Wong reported this behavior:


I have INIT:A+B+C...+X+Y+Z as the first equation in my library so I can re-initialize all one-letter variables if I ever delete some.

If that doesn't make N appear, you could explicitly add 0xN to your expression.

I don't have my 17BII+ to try this out, but you have a newer ROM than I anyway.



Hi Bob,
Thanks for helping. I tried your first suggestion, but it did not work. I created an equation INI:Y=N and ran this equation. Then I ran the SUM equation. But the variable N does not appear in the menu.
The SUM function is as follows:
For the second suggestion, I tried:
SUM:A=SIGMA(0xN:1:N:1:2xN) -> The HP 17BII+ returns an INVALID EQUATION message;
SUM:A=SIGMA(N:1:0xN:1:2xN) -> The N variable does not appear in the menu;
Then I tried the following:
SUM:A=0xN+SIGMA(N:1:N:1:2xN) -> Now, the N variable appear in the menu, but A=0 for any value of N. It seems the value of N entered in the menu does not go to the Summation function.
Best Regards

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