HP 48 Series (Serial Numbers)


There was a time when HP produced HP48G series calculators with the BLACK LCD. Does anyone know where they were produced (Singapore vs Indonesia)? And what about the serial numbers on them? Were they the ones that started with SG? Or did they still use the older format for the serial numbers on these BLACK LCD units?




All the black screen GX's I've seen were made in Indonesia and the serial numbers started with INxxx not the old 33xxx scheme.

All of them, consequently, had the painted on numbers on the keys...

I hope this helps.



By the way- I've only seen black screen GX models- never a G or G+ with a black screen.....?



I have two HP-48G+ units with black (high-contrast) display,

one of them is a Turbo with 1.2MB RAM.

I also have a GX with black screen.

This the unit for daily use;-)


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