Blinking * on 15C


I just bought a 15C and an asterisk is blinking in the bottom left hand corner of the window. How to I stop the * from blinking?


The calculator is telling you that it needs new batteries.



Thank you very much. I should learn to read the owner's manual!


Remember well this blinking star - you will not see it again for the next 20 years




On this major topic, a very documented, scientific, in-depth article has been specifically written by some genius right HERE.

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Your machine is about to explode. Protect yourself. Send it to me and I will dispose of it properly. Beleive me, you will look really silly with a face full of digit keys.


Could it be that I spread around (bad) vibes or something. I bought my 15C in 1989 and meanwhile I had to change the batteries twice. I have some weird experiences with other pieces of equipment both good and bad too. Shall I call the producers of the X-files?


X-Fles or perhaps more appropriately the TZYX-Files that handle RPN phenomenas!!


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I had to change the batteries in my 10C at least twice, and I owned it less than 5 years.

Of course, it did have the speed-doubling upgrade, plus, I actually used it (heavily).

All those stories about voyager batteries lasting forever just make me think those calcs aren't getting enough exercise. It's nothing to be proud of, people!

(OK, I'm going to hide in a corner now while the rotten tomatoes start flying. ;-) )

- Thomas

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