Woodstock keyboard repair


Anyone know how to repair a Woodstock keyboard?

Strange. The 1 and 4 keys don't work, but all others do. Neither a complete row nor column, so I'm suspecting some crap that's physically messing with the keys.

In my zeal to get a working HP-22, I now have three in various states of function:

#1: Powers up, keyboard flakey but functional. Four function and stack work, but other RAM (storage and financial memory) don't work.

#2: Doesn't power up. Innards look like major pieces of the PCB etch were destroyed by battery leakage. Keyboard does seem to work in #3.

#3: Works great, looks great, except for the aforementioned 1 and 4 keys.

I can probably construct a good calc by taking the keyboard from 2 and putting it into 3, but 3's is in better cosmetic condition, and I really would like to keep these things original if I could.

Opening the things up, I note that #3 (1612Axxxxx) looks completely different from #2(1611Axxxxx), even though the pinouts on the keyboard/processor board are compatible. FWIW, #1 is still another production run (1610Axxxxx), but I haven't had a look inside yet.

The keyboards on the two I looked at look like they're heat staked in about a million places, suggesting to me that repair options would be really limited.

Still, I figured I'd ask.

And, is it just me, or were the Classics the most reliable of the lot? Between the keyboards of the Woodstocks and the keyboards PC boards and battery terminals of the spices, it just seems like there's a big hole between the Classics and Voyagers.

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