67 card reader clutch materiel?


Does anybody have a hot tip on a material that works to rebuild the clutch on a 67's card reader? Can't seem to find any wire insulation that's the right diameter in my lab box. How about a couple of really tiny o-rings? At this point I'm not too far from resorting to the chemical solution to the problem (superglue).
Any ideas much appreciated.
Thanks, Hal


I use heat-shrinking tube. The first step is putting it over the axis of the motor, then shrinking it, then putting the worm-gear on it.

Worked fine for me!


Thanks Klaus for the idea...
Do you actually shrink it onto the axle with a hot air gun, or just use it as is?

regards, Hal


Please disregard my last posting...I didn't read your response carefully the first time (I just got up):0
Thanks again, Hal


A piece of the spray tube from a can of WD-40 lubricant...

When the "clutch" breaks it usually shears in half. The thinner half is still attached to the worm gear shaft and usually stays in the small aluminium bushing on the end of the gear. The piece that falls out or stays stuck to the motor shaft is what can be replaced. If the piece that goes around the worm gear breaks, you have a real problem. You cant drill the spary tube out enough to insert the worm gear without the spray tube falling apart.

I clean everything with alcohol and use a small drop of IC2000 tire cement in the gear shaft, and around the inside and outside of the replament piece. Too much glue and you wont be able to fully seat the motor shaft in the worm gear.


Thanks for the input.
I ended up using 3 layers of heat-shrink sleeving applied to the bottom 3/32" of the motor spindle. The worm gear then went on with a nice snug fit, and the reader works like a champ.
Best regards, Hal

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