Printer Paper for HP41 Thermal Printer


Does anyone know of anyplace where you can still buy thermal paper for the HP 82143A Thermal Printer for the HP41 series calculators?

Are there any thermal paper made for any other calculators/ cash registers etc that will work in this printer?

Thank you very much! :-)


Under the (Hardware-Calculator) section.
HP82175A - 6 rolls - $16.95



Check out this old post from Jan 2000


I agree with Eric's findings, the NCR 2-1/4" thermal paper works great and is very inexpensive. In addition to Office Max, you can get it at Staples (on-line only) in rolls of 85' (perfect for the smaller printers - e.g., 82162, 82143, 82240A/B, 97) or 165' (perfect for the big machines - e.g., 9810, 9815, 9825). In all cases, I think that the print quality is better than HP's blue or black thermal paper.


Thank you everyone for your input. Now I can get some nice inexpensive paper from Office Depot for my calculator printer! Who wudda thot?!? :-)



I think I have some , but let me chech.


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