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I have one HP-200LX myself. It uses an Intel 80C186, and it cannot run Linux or Norton antivirus (or any 386 software). An old PC-XT virus can attack it, if you transfer the virus to it. It was only 1MB (or 2MB or 4MB or >) of RAM (DOS uses only 622K on it - the rest is used to RAMDISK), the PCMCIA is 1.1 and compatible with new cards - I have one SD to PCMCIA adapter and use 128MB MMC card on it (you have only to partition and format on the 200LX, it is compatible with other readers).

It is really a nice machine!

Best regards,


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Serious users do have 32 to 64 MB internal RAM, a 4 Gig SD card, a back lite screen and a double speed clock modification. Up to now I have only the last one.



Hello Mike,

I'd like to have the back-light screen, but I wouldn't dare do the modification myself.

Since we're talking about the 200LX, is there a way to set the DOS screen mode 40x16? I tried MODE CON:COLS=40 LINES=16 but it did not work.





try MODE CO40



Hi Marcus,

This is 40x25 text mode. I am trying to find a way to set the screen to the 40x16 text mode I have seen in some applications as it's more readable. Thanks anyway,



Olá, Gerson

Did you just tried Fn+Zoom (space bar)? It enables a text mode equals to 95LX (40x16) and you can use the Menu+(arrow keys) to scroll on the 80x25 text area (IIRC).

Grande abraço,



Olá Nelson,

Thanks for the hot tip! That's exactly what I was looking for (Perhaps its time to start reading the fine manual :-)




Try LxPro from Stefan Peichl, but this is for interactive change of settings. There is (somewhere... <G>) a tool to call from BAT.



LxPro is interesting, but it seems it just indicates the screen modes rather than being able to change them. I've just installed it and have appreciated it. I will search through the other link.




From the description (LXpro.doc):

Fn= Cycles through all available screen modes of the palmtop

and the Help (pops up with F1) shows "Fn= Cycle through ScrMode"



I had looked at the help screen but was not able to see that, shame on me :-)

Though the Fn+ZOOM tip Nelson showed me, which cycles through three text modes, is enough for the use I had in mind I will keep LXPro because of the so many cool features.

Thanks again for the help,



Hi, Mike

I'm a ´poor´ collector and a light user of my HP-200LX. I bought mine for less than US$70 (today's change rate), and I found those "upgrades" too expensive... Of course the backlight is a must-have, but the memory I think that I'm best served with my flash card (128MB). I can use Turbo Pascal and Turbo Assembler on it without a glitch. ;)

Best regards,



From a collector's point of view you should keep those machines unchanged, unused, NIB at best. From a user's point of view: USE IT as you can as I did and still do (alas site still unfinished). Economists decide where to spend for best profit.

BTW, the HP-Palmtops are NOT pocket calculators, they are complete DOS-PCs and as such a very veratile and useful gem. HP's marketing did not emphasize on this fact - and the LX perished.



Hello Nelson,

What MMC card brand have you used? I tried a Super Digital 64MB SD card on mine but it did not work. What worked for me was a CF to PCMCIA adapter and a 256MB SanDisk CompactFlash card.

A good source for technical information about the 200LX is Daniel Hertrich's HP-100LX/200LX page.

Best regards,

Gerson (Curitiba, Brasil)


Olá, Gerson

I use a PQI 128MB MMC card and a PCMCIA<>SD card adapter (don't recall the brand) that I bought from Australia (eBay). I used another cards (8MB SD, 4MB old MMC cards) with success. You NEED to partition AND format it with the utilities that came with the 200LX. Without this procedure the card doesn't work! This formatting is compatible with 12/16 bits FAT, you can use the card on PC SD/MMC card readers as well.

Best regards,


P.S. I'm from Curitiba too ;)

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Olá Nelson,

I should have tried that but I thought the DOS command format would be enough. I have a Multi Card Adapter (SD, MMC, SM, MS, MS Pro and xD), bought at eBay too (USA), but since the only available cards I have is a 64MB SD and a 32MB MS card, I will stick to the Compact Flash 256MB (FAT16). But I agree this is too much memory for just Turbo Pascal, QBasic and Emu71.

I am an even 'poorer' user/collector than you: my 200LX came from São Paulo and cost only about US$ 65.00, a practicly unused unit. It came only with the manuals though. It was purchased with the intention to study the 8086 Assembly Language on it (So far I have only printed out the 25 chapters of Randall L. Hyde's "The Art of Assembly Language Programming" - but that's a start :-)

I'm from Curitiba too ;)

I know it, that's why I mentioned the city (actually I wasn't born here but I have been living here since 1981, coming from the northern part of the State)

Best regards,


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