42s won't turn on


I have a 42s that won't come on after I put new batteries into it.

Is there any where to get it fixed?


In all likelyhood, there is nothing wrong with it. It's just stuck in lah-lah land due to the battery change not being fast enough.

If you had any programs in it, kiss them bye-bye, there is no way to save them at this point.

Here's fix #1:

Press and hold the E+ and XEQ keys down. While holding them down, press and release ON then release the E+ and XEQ. You should see Memory Clear and be back to whatever you were doing before you had to key all your programs back in :(

If that doesn't work, here's #2:

Take the batteries out and touch the two terminals in the calculator at the same time with a coin or straighened paper clip. This will remove the residual voltage on the memory back-up capacitor. Put the batteries back in and enjoy.

And #3:

Leave the batteries out overnight. Same result as #2, it just takes longer.

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