HP-41 rubber feet replacements


Does anyone know of a source for replacement HP-41 rubber feet? I would like to add them to my new MLDL2000 and don't want to steal them from my Card Reader. If no one knows of a source, I may have to try some thin bicycle inner tube material.



Someone sells them on eBay, or have a look in the classified section on this site.

If you just need one, and you can't find any other source, I might have a spare one I can give away for free.

Have a nice weekend! Klaus


I checked the ads, and only one poster (a WTB) was listed and unanswered.

One rubber foot would work fine as this is all the Card Reader case needs. And I have a roll of double backed tape. I'll try to contact you by e-mail. If I can't find your e-mail address, please contact me through donald18NOSPAM@sonic.net with the usual removals.


You can use EPDM sheet roofing rubber available at home supply stores (but you may gavce to buy a 1x12 foot piece). Also good hardware stores have rubber sheet gasket material in smaller sizes in the plumbing area.


BTW, the best tape for sticking feet is 3M OUTDOOR carpet tape. It is black in color and slightly textured.

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