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I am trying to construct a display showing the advancements made by the now defunct Swiss surveying firm Kern with electronic theodolites some time ago. I have an E2 electronic theodolite and EDM, and the DIF41 attachment which enables the theodolite to send data to and receive data from a HP41CV.

I can transfer data from the E2 into the HP41CV registers fine, but I cannot seem to transmit data from the HP41CV to the E2. The instructions in the manuals do not help. They simply refer to a "HP41 program on magnetic card" but to date I have been unable to locate such a program. And the only instructions given seem to be in BASIC language. They are
where STX means start, T1 is the theodolite, 72 is a code number for horizontal circle orientation, 45.2234 the value of the horizontal bearing and LF and ETX are end of transmission protocols.

The manual also says that anything transmitted to the E2 from the HP41 must be in the X register.

If anyone has any knowledge of this, could they please contact me direct on wjlafferty@ozemail.com.au

thanks .....Bill Lafferty

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