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I have an HP 41C fullnut with a damaged plastic display window over the LCD. It is badly crazed and I would like to replace it and was wondering if anyone can offer advice on how best to remove the old window and install a new one. As well, any sources of a replacement window would be appreciated. Window from a parts unit? A piece of suitably machined plexiglas? Thickness?

Thanks in advance for your time,




I believe you could begin removing the display module from calculator. This will give you access to the protective plastic.
As replacement, I have used for 11C, 15C a piece cutted from CD cases.
For glueing it to the case, I believe you could use small quantities of liquid Epoxi or that glue watchmakers use to glue the watches glasses.
Good luck in your services!


If its only scratched, can't you polish it? its MUCH easier than replacing it.




Thanks for the responses.

As to polishing, that will not work as the crazing of the window actually seems to be within the plastic. This resulted when I tried to remove some dust from the LCD with "canned air", tipped the can too far over and blew propellant onto the plastic window. The cold blast left the crazing... so, replacement seems to be the only option.
Again, any idea about how best to remove the window which is currently in place?




You can desolder and remove the screen on the older models. That lets you replace the window out through the back. On the halfnuts you'll have to cut each heat stake and take out the pcb, or bust/cut the top of the case to slip it out in the direction that the roms slip in. Both of the latter sound like fingernails on a blackboard to me. Two years ago, Mike S. Davis (not the pale imitation without the S) had a couple of new windows in his spares box. You can contact him through msdsite.com. Good luck.


The HP-41C/CV/CX service manual has a section (3.4) about display replacements. Have a look on TOS!

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