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First, I would like to appologize for the main site experiencing extended downtime. Our hosting is in transition, but when the dust settles we will have a much more stable site. We will also gain CVS and Subversion servers, which will give our programmers a nice playground at last! There is a lot of unpublished code for the *fix core, which I look forward to making public.

The other piece of news I have to report is that, my cohort, Chad and I have initiated the process of registering an LLC as well as multiple domain names. Indeed, we are preparing for production and distribution.

Thank you to everyone who has followed and supported our project as we approach our second anniversary. Naysayers mean nothing to me... I have a dream and it will be realized.



Glad to see the website will finally be stable from now on.

I'm interested in how you are preparing for "production and distribution." The last I heard, you'd gone from making a whole new calculator to a retrofit kit for the HP49g plus. So is the design work almost complete? I'd love to know how your retrofit kit is getting on. I'm confident that you are making real progress.


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