How to open 82001A batterie pack


Hi *,

I have this 82001A from a 1973 HP-45. The batteries started to leak (fortunately, I got this calculator before it was too late) so I would like to replace the cells. My question is, are the two halfes of the case glued or is there a mechanism to open it? I found nothing about that on the museum pages. Sorry if I overlooked something.




they are glued


Only the end seams are joined. The side seams are not joined. Open the pack by repeatedly slicing along one of the end seams with an exacto or other very sharp knife*. Occasionally try to pry the seam apart. Eventually it will split open. I have found that only one seam need be split, then just pry the two halves apart from that end and take out the old cells.

* - be careful with the knife. not responsible for bleeding.


Thanks Jeff, Vassilis,

I managed to spare my blood for the next donation:). BTW., only the middle cell leaked so even the contact strips survived.



Take the pack to your local Batteries Plus or Batteries Etc store. They will open it, rebuild the cells with proper spot welds, seal it back up, dispose of the innards properly. Should be 20 bucks or so. No fuss, no muss, no blood, no guts, no gore.


We germans are so little service oriented that I would never have guessed a service like that exists;). Besides, the whole calc was not much more that 20 european bucks:). It was hidden under a thick layer of tar. I had to completely dismantle it for cleaning and even had to taper a wooden toothpick to make the key contacts functional again. It is a great little workhorse now.


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