Looking for Free42/PocketPC beta testers


Hi all,

I'm currently in the middle of development of a new PocketPC front-end for Free42. Based on my current rate of progress, I expect to have a mostly-functional version in two to three days, which may still be missing the printer emulation; a fully functional version should then follow in another day or two.

I usually try to all do my testing myself, but with the PocketPC version I'm in the unusual situation that the target platform is a machine I don't actually own. I do all testing and debugging on the Pocket PC 2003 Emulator, but that means running x86 code, while the "real" PPC version will of course be compiled for the ARM processor -- so there is a potential for problems.

If you would like to help me with this (or just get a sneak preview ;-) ), please contact me; you can use the MoHPC message feature, or contact me directly at the email address listed on my web site and in the "About" boxes of all current Free42 versions.


- Thomas

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