41C/CV/CX Rubber Feet Replacement?


Anyone find any good substitute feet for the 41 that looks stock? Has anyone found any "sheet rubber" that can be cut to the same size and glued?

Which brings up another question... what kind of adhesive works best for these feet, which would allow for occasional removal? Has anyone found anything that works like the glue HP uses for these feet?

Thank you!


The easiest thing to do for feet is to cut out squares of rubber from an old tire innertube with an razor knife. They are virtually identical to the real thing. Stick them down with double sided adhesive tape, 3M spray adhesive, or rubber cement.

By the way, the best thing I've found for removing old feet or adhesive labels and peeling the corners of Classic series labels is a product called Un Du. It will temporarily loosen any sticky adhesive. When it evaporates (very fast) the adhesive remains sticky and the item can be reattached. It costs about 5 bucks for a one ounce bottle, but just contains the solvent heptane. If you have access to chem lab or chemical seller, heptane can be bought for MUCH MUCH less.


the above inner tube solution works, or in a cheap inner tube repair kit there is a rubber sheet that is just the right thickness and has a peel and stick back. its big enough to make a dozen.


Do they still sell innertube repair kits anymore for autos? I've seen them for bicycles but they tend to be small and thin... oh well, I'll check AutoZone.


Thanks for the tip on Un Do (heptane) and innertube. I'll have to look for'em!!

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