HP-41 emulator for HP-48 emulator on a Sony Ericsson P910i cell phone...


Hi there,
Does anyone know if the HP-41C/CV Emulator for HP-48S/SX/G/G+/GX from HrastProgrammer work on an Emu48E emulator for a Sony Ericsson P910i cell phone?!@&*


If you are talking about that freeware one (HP-41E, unsupported) downloadable from www.hpcalc.org then I think it should work (but I haven't tried it).

HP-41X is working on my Sony Ericsson P800 although I don't know how to press ON & some other key (needed for ON&key combinations) at the same time on touchscreen ...


I admit to not being up-to-date on the very latest in cell-phone technology, and I see that HrastProgrammer has answered your query, but I must ask:


-- KS


Because I love my 41, dislike the 48 which is the only one emulated on the SE platform, whose portability I also love. Therefore, that would be a good way to have my HP-41 functionality with me most of the time.

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