Pi day


Today is offcially Pi Day.

Celebrate by eating a pie.

Start eating your pie at approximately 1:59:26.5 PM.

(How come I learned about this on a gun forum instead of the HP Froum or the Slide Rule Group?)


Here we use dd/mm/yyyy and have a more accurate Pi-day: 22/7 :-)


More disturbing than Pi day is that I have to get up every 2hrs to Pi in the nite (not funny).

Now to something completely different: There is somebody (reading and contributing this list) who managed to improve this routine (Vieta) in accurancy and register usage (none at all!!). Now guess who is able to improve HP-12C programs?!? I'll publish it soon.



As my wife pointed out this morning, though, we (Americans) will briefly do better than 22/7 on pi day in 2015.


(How come I learned about this on a gun forum instead of the HP Froum or the Slide Rule Group?)

Well, the folks at TiCalc.org are on top of this one -- and they passed on a link to singing pi.


When's e day?



February 7th, a couple of minutes before 6:30 pm.

Edited: 15 Mar 2006, 5:27 p.m.



Thank you so much. I'm so dense at times.



No you're not, unless I am too:

Someone once stuck a note on my door, "Happy Mole Day".

I thought, "Groundhog day? It's not February anymore, it's the beginning of summer! What's this guy on about??" I couldn't figure it out.

I catch him later and he says that I ought to be ashamed of myself for not knowing. I make him tell me and he says, "Well, today is June 23." He STILL had to spell it out for me a minute later.


I'm too scared to ask!



At least it's not my Name Day...


You run slow, a whole day?


Aw, you guys are kidding right?

Now, I'm slow, but you all are really bright and quick fellows!

(I know, I didn't get it, so why should anyone else be different?)

Okay, Mole Day has nothing to do with rodents or turncoat spooks or melanin spots.

One mole of objects is 6 x 10^23 objects (well, 6.0223 x 10^23, [Avogadro's number] to be precise, but the calendar doesn't support that unless you "celebrate" it once a century). I know, duh! But hey, someone makes up this stuff...

... and it's found in the HP 33S, 49G+ constants library!

Edited: 18 Mar 2006, 12:39 p.m.

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