HP 28S prices in eBay


Is there anything new about 28S's? In the last couple of days I've seen two different eBay auctions for this calculator closing at prices over $200. Not only that, but there seems to be a lot of interest in these items, as the number of bids in the auctions was relatively high at 27 and 29, respectively. Check out items number 1225468454 and 1226213627.

What's going on?

I've always seen a pretty stable number of 28S's in auction at any time in eBay, and I've also noticed that the variance in the final prices reached in these auctions is very high (from a low of around $40 to up to three times this low figure), but, come on, over $200?


I don't know why it is too expensive on Ebay, but I can say to you, that on ibazar.fr (France), you can find HP28S for 60$ (shipping costs for France included). I see several offers, & I bought 15 days ago one HP28S for this price.


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