Halfnut character elements vs. Coconut's


Hi all,
I just acquired an HP-41CX (which I might have to return to the seller due to misrepresentation in the ad - business as usual on eBay anyways). It is a Halfnut version and the screen contrast is not as high as on earlier models - the characters are more greyish. Another thing I've noticed is that the character elements are further apart from each other, compared to those on a Coconut machine. Is that the case only on a Halfnut? How are the elements on a Honeynut? What about a Silverbird? I'd dare say that I prefer the display on a Coconut. Are there any other advantages on a Halfnut compared to a Honeynut, apart from the simplified electronics (and probably the lower weight)?
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Have you tried a greater viewing angle?
I notice that my CX is OK when setting on a table but dimmer when viewed at 90 degrees.

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Andreas --

Yes indeed, the displays on the older "Fullnut" HP-41's from 1979-1985 are more legible than the later "Halfnut" units from 1985-1990. In fact, the characters are most "solid" on the earliest US-made HP-41C and HP-41CV models from 1979-80(?), presumably until manufacture shifted to Singapore.

The Singapore-made Fullnuts have characters that are less bold, but taller, and are still pretty good.

The Halfnut display characters, though, are terrible, with wide spaces between segments. I don't know why the changes were made, other than perhaps cost-cutting.

I have one of each (1980 41C; 1984 41CX; 1986 41CV).

If the characters are faint with poor contrast at normal viewing angles, there may be an internal problem. I once saw a Halfnut 41CX with those kind of symptoms. Halfnut display contrast is settable using certain non-HP ROM's, to my understanding.

-- KS


Karl thanks. Are there any other advantages on a Halfnut compared to a Honeynut, apart from the simplified electronics (and probably the lower weight)? Would I be OK (displaywise, speedwise or otherwise) if I found a Fullnut CX (that would have a serial starting with a serial # earlier than 2510S or 2510A or even 2501)?


Àngel Martin wrote a programm to change the display contrast of HP-41 Halfnuts. Can anybody tell me, whitch of his images I have to download and what the exact command is?



Peace on you Brother Paul,

Thou shallt :

1) Download the Sandbox Rom burn it to the appropriate Rambox (Clonix, NovRAM, MLDL2000) or 41' Emulator.

2) Download the Documentation

3) Learn and use the CTRST & CRST? commands.

4) Pray the Angel with me to have one day a Fullnut version of the Sandbox ;-)




Great info. Thanks V. I have a lot of reading to do.

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