Question for all HP-35 red dot owners out there


Hello, could you please check your red dot and compare it to the picture I uploaded to flickr?

The print is rather "creme white" and not molten into the surface like on all my other HP-35s. What's your red dot like?

(I received a HP-70 prototype together with this top shell part, so I assume it might be a prototype part as well. Just want to know ;) )


Hi, I include an image of one HP 35 Red Dot. HP 35 is in mint state, hope this helps.


Finally I had the time to have a look at all my RedDots...

I can attest your discovery:

There is a type with painted legends that is really white shining. A second type is more cremy / ivory-colored. The colour of these legends are molded into the surface.
Take a look at the serial: The clear white version seems to be older (mine is very low - 1143A00XXX and belonged to a ex-amager of HP, as it has a special Label with it´s name instead of "HEWLETT*PACKARD").
Maybe these white shells were only produced to special persons.I remember a personal discussion with Wlodek that there might have been a second production run of RedDots to the 5th anniversary of the HP-35, only for higher managers....



Frank, schick mir bitte deine Mail, dann schick ich dir gerne Bilder....


Please could you send me those images to my e-mail address, too? Do you have a look to the famous Red Dot switch (without the top keyboard cover). I can't inspect it in my HP 35, since I should damage the instruction label, which is clearly undesirable ;-)

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