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Hi there,
Here is another weird bidding pattern on eBay again. I know a lot of you don't have time for postg like this, so you might not read on. In any event, check how high this HP-34C went for. From $79.01 it jumped up to $150 from a bidder with no stars, and then after a war with a bidder with only one star to $405!!! And they are both from Switzerland (second weird coincidence). Any thoughts?


Well, $405 seems a bit high, but there were some extras, and another HP-34C package recently went for $350.

From the description of one you listed:


--- HP 67 Calculator -- Serial # 2248S30256,

    If the winner feels "buyer's remorse", maybe he can claim that he was expecting an HP-67, and ask for the auction to be voided. Except that everything else said "HP-34C", and there are no 67's with that serial number.

    However, that serial number indicates a 1982 date of manufacture utilizing the design improvements -- soldered components and better keyboard feel. It should be a reliable 34C.

-- KS


I brought to the seller's attention that his description was incorrect and he mentioned his auction was for an HP-67 and not an HP-34C as everything else said on the page. Do you happen to know who 'atari-rescue-group' is?

Edited: 9 Mar 2006, 2:10 a.m.


I have seen something like this before where 2 bidders (possibly same person) bid it up really high so that nobody is willing to bid any higher. At the last minute the second highest withdraw the bid (in this case can be due to wrong description) and let the highest bidder won with a much lower price.

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