41 modules prices


Does there exist somewhere a list of hp suggested retail prices for all the 41 modules?


As they are no longer made, market pricing dominates. There is one web site (don't have handy, somebody will) that sells reconditioned and used HP 41 calcs and some accessories.


I understand that they are no longer in production, I was only trying to gage what HP originally valued them at versus what I see them at these days.

Their prices are all over the board, it makes it difficult to determine the market value and again where my price bar need to be raised/lowered to aquire a certain pack.



For some reason, I kept a Xerox copy of a February 1, 1983 Series 10/Series 40 Price List.

All the Series 40 Application Pacs had a "Suggested Price" of $30.00 (US) with the following exceptions:

Navigation, Real Estate and Structural Analysis Pac's were $45.00

HP-41 Development Module and Petroleum Fluids Pacs were $75.00

Hope this answers your question


Thanks for the info Peter!


Other than an Educalc catalog or an old HP "price list" (my 41 brochures describe the modules, but not pricing), I'm not aware of an on-line "suggested retail" price list. FWIW, the HP Museum CD's contain copies of Educalc catalogs.


ps. I hope 41 module prices aren't coming to this:


For those who don't want to look, this 41C Infrared Printer Module sold for $150 at Ebay!! I'm "glad" I only had to pay $50 for the one I bought from a private party two months ago ;^)

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