41CX Turbo !!!!


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These called my attention:

this HP-41CX scientific calculator comes with extremely rare factory option TURBO BOOST mode circuitry activated with side slide switch.
Does it mean the HP41CX Turbo was a factory option? Didn't know about that. Also:
About 25 program slide-strips for the card reader with HP carry case
Should these be the 25 magnetic cards?


Luiz (Brazil)



no, I doubt the TURBO was made by HP.

I think it was made by the dealer where he bought the unit.

Aside from that, the turbo switch implementation in the W&W HP-41CY Turbo

looks much nicer, and you still can use the wall charger.

On the unit on sale, there also seems to be a small chip on the bottom

of the separator plastic, but this could be a glitch of the cheap digicam;-)

About the mag cards: I also understand that there are 25 cards included.

However, another US eBay dealer sold a similar CX Turbo (NOT CY!)

for big money a while ago, so this unit could be a good deal,

taking into account the various included accessories...

Maybe I should announce my HP-41CV Turbo, too;-)




Yes, I think this is really special, HP 82153A LASERWand is really special...........-:)


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