Some time ago, I found an hp19c. I tested and it is fully functional when connected to 6VDC :) Even managed to get some thermo printer paper for a reasonable prize. Just what's missing is the battery pack. Has anybody here an idea where to get it from? Or is it an easy DIY job to build one? Any hints are appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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if you do not use the battery pack, make sure the DC supply you are using is fully regulated, otherwise you are running the risk of damaging the CMOS RAM in your HP19C.

You did not mention whether you have the door to the battery compartment. If you do have it, things are much easier.



You did not mention whether you have the door to the battery compartment.

I have this door and it's functional. I just don't have any part at all of the battery pack (neither plastic nor metal).


If yo have the door, then the pack itself is very simple to build.
It consists of 4 AA NiCd rechargable cells arranged in the obvious manner. The cells connect to the two OUTSIDE tabs in the battery compartments. The inner tabs are to keep the pack in place and also show the polarity of the OUTSIDE tabs. AFAIK the inner tabs are not connected to anything inside the 19C.

On the far end of the pack you need springs to push the pack towards the tabs and make contact.



Can't help with the battery pack, sorry, but do have a favorite piece of 19C trivia: Examine the decimal point (any) in the display with a magnifying glass. There is a very tiny hp logo in each one.

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