Question about lifespan of refurbished card readers


Hi all,

I want to ask the folks that fix card readers. What is the expected lifespan of these refurbished card readers:

1. HP-65 card reader
2. HP67 card reader
3. HP-97 card reader
4. HP-41C card reader

All your feedback is appreciated.



I have repaired all 4 readers that you mention (using silicon tubing from Small Parts - part # 210005) about 5-6 years ago and they're all still working fine.


That sounds impressive! Thanks Katie for your reply.


I know of satellite in orbit for over 20 years with an off the shelf silicone rubber drive (yep, medical grade fuel line) on an instrument shutter. It was only needed to work a few months. It is exposed to the vacuum of space, atomic oxygen, nasty temperature swings etc and is still functioning. Another reason not to use o-rings in your rebuild jobs.


AFAIK there are silicone rubber o-rings, too. They were used in high vacuum applications.

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I use silicon rubber tubes, too. Same kind of tube is on my desoldering station now for 20 years with no signs of wear or decomposition despite of the desoldering fumes. I expect card readers repaired with such tubes to last until the motor or gears themselves give up.

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