Shortcut to toggle between standard and fix?


Is tehre a way to toggle between standard display and fix (say 3 digits) display?

I have this output and it's hard to read. I use the DET determinate function on

ii j k
3 4 3
5 2 4

The result (I'm making it up) is say

1.235335653ii + 1.and then it runs off the screen. I want to see the j value and the k value.

I figure if I can set it to 3 digit FIX, there is room to see everything. but it's a pain to do that, and almost equally painful to just enter edit mode and scroll to the right.


the determent is


just as an example



can you tell us which HP calculator you are using?



I'm sorry that took so long.

and sorry for leaving out the most basic of imformation.



A simple approach could be a custom menu:

{{"FIX3" << 3 FIX >>} STD} 'CST' STO>
Pressing [left shift][mode] (custom) results in the display of two functions: [FIX3] and [STD] which activate two different display formats when pressed.



Or a program like the following could be used to toggle between display modes.

IF -49. FS?
From FIX or ENG mode, this switches to STD mode, and from STD or ENG mode, it switches to 3 FIX mode.

Use it in a custom menu, assign it to a user key, or just store it in a variable.


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