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another off topic post from me, I hope you can stand this ;-)

I've just got a Casio FX-750P off eBay. It came with its cassette/printer accessory FA-20 but without documention. No problem, just find a PDF on the Net! My problem: There isn't any usable info in the wild. I assume very much that the machine wasn't actively marketed outside Japan (it has Japanese characters but no lower case!)

If anybody wants to discuss the machine with me or has some information, just send a mail!


P.S: The machine is a close cousin of the PB-700 (no mode key, two enter keys). You can send BASIC files from one machine to the other. Problems arise if you send programs with commands that one machine understands but the other doesn't. String constants with lower case characters are nasty because you can't edit the lines on the FX-750P. :-(

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