is the HP27S a rare model?


I have seen in Ebay an HP27S that reached over $390. Is the HP27S a rare model like the HP42S?


No. Some people get ahead of themselves.

Most of the time, you can nab one for around $60 to $80.


The 42S is a very common calculator... it's just that those that have them seldom part with them.


Do a querry on Ebay of "Completed Items" and take the average selling prices of units in good condition and make an inference based on the number you see being sold. Many here that got their 27S calcs got them cheap long ago. I got mine late last year and had to pay as much as my mint 41CX,... and a 27S was harder to find at the time, esp compared to a 41 series or Pioneer. Other high priced models for me included a mint 97, new 48GX, and a mint 42S, but the 27S was the most expensive for me.


Gonzalo --

Here is a recently-archived post of mine to a similar thread:

HP-27S prices

The HP-27S was an updated version of the LED-based HP-27 of the 1970's. Both were "intermediate" scientific calculators with the financial Time Value of Money (TVM) equation built in. The intended buyer was the Engineering Manager.

The original HP-27 (which is much more rare) was RPN-based; the HP-27S is algebraic.

-- KS


I wouldn't say that that the 27S was an "updated version of the 27" The only similarity is that both models combine scientific and financial functions in a single calculator. Other than that, they're completely different.

Saying that the 27S is an updated version of the 27 is like saying that a 33S is an updated version of the 25.


I wouldn't say that that the 27S was an "updated version of the 27" The only similarity is that both models combine scientific and financial functions in a single calculator.

Isn't this kind of similarity enough to make such a statement as the one you're referring to? I mean, combining a financial and a scientific calculator is more than remarkably.
Saying that the 27S is an updated version of the 27 is like saying that a 33S is an updated version of the 25.

The 29C would probably be a better choice to compare since the 33S, being the only RPN calculator left, is the top model in this series. I can see a clear line between the 29C, 34C, 32S(II), and 33S.



Eric --

Well, yes, my hasty description "updated version" was imprecise. I did describe the the HP-27 as "LED-based", so it's obvious that the two models were quite different in execution, if identical in concept. Examples of real "updates" include the 41CX, 17BII, and 32SII from their original baseline models.

How about "modern re-incarnation"?

-- KS

Edited: 2 Mar 2006, 11:16 p.m.


Yes, indeed. 27 S is quite rare and not as popular, maybe because of the lack of UPN. However, its implementation of the solver is excellent; the simplicity of the keyboard with one shift key only (blue) is perfect. When I bought it early nineties, I was very disappointed to figure out, that it had no RPN. After some time I got accustomed to it and started to like its very good algebraic system with better parenthesis implementation than other calcs.

My 27S had been stolen. It took about me almost a year to find a decent replacement and it was quite expensive. However following an advice from this forum, I bought a 19BII and found it a very adequate substitution. The designation "business consultant" is somewhat missleading. It is a general and versatile calc. The solver implemetation has some manor drawbacks, but setting enough parenthesis it does the job very well. And it has some goodies not available on 27S, such as conversions, financial and of course RPN. There are plenty of them around. And even 17BII is adequate and excellent, if you do not need sin/cos/tan functions




I have both:

I keep the 27s at the office, where it does duty for any equation that I might need to solve a number of times, during a design problem.

I keep the 17bii at home, where it also handles equation solving, as well as tax, investment etc problems. If I'm home and need to solve trig, I pull out my 15c :-) (or my 32s, or my 45, or my............:-)

The only thing missing on the 27s is a swap key!


awesome responses! This is a really good forum :-) I have all the answers


I firmly believe the Hp27s is Hp's 2nd best calculator ever made. It has built in features that outstrip all other scientifics of the pioneer line. It has a built in clock and date features.
And it has the best solver of all the scientifics except for the 48/49G line. And it has a nice TVM program.

It was well made and its only shortcomings (This IS an Hp forum after all!) was its lack of an RPN mode. I would have liked to see matrix support and units conversions tossed in, but it was never meant to really be a design tool that the 42s was.

Many could argue that the Hp41c series was Hp's finest calculator and I cannot argue their points as well as it had superior I/O to the Hp42s or Hp27s family.

I really do not consider graphics calculators, calculators, as they are more like portable math packages and not pocket calcuators.

But these are my opinions only, YMMV.

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