How to read newly compiled lex file from windows into Emu71


Hello all,

just for the fun of it, I compiled various lex files from sources with Areuh. Everything works fine and I load them to my real HP-71B by making a copy to a floppy from my windows box then read into a ramdisk with my HP-100 then finally move the lex file to my HP-71B.

If I want to make small changes to a lex, I don't want to crash my real HP-71B. So I'd like to use Emu71 instead. Because I still want to compile with Areuh (more confortable with Linux), I'd like to move newly compiled lex files directly to Emu71.

I first looked at LifUtils to update a Lif image assigned to Emu71, but LifPut is not yet available (comment from Tony Duell). DOSLINK doesn't seem to be an option (am I wrong ?).

So, what would be the best solution ? Any idea ?

Thanks !



If I remember well, there was an utility in the Areuh suite that adds the right LIF header to the LEX file, in order to transfer it to the HP71 with COPY (by RS232 link for instance).

To load your LEX into Emu71, you just have to add this header, copy the file to 'emu_in.dat', then do in Emu71:


It should work.


Edited: 1 Mar 2006, 6:31 a.m.

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