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look at the following bidding:


On Feb-22-06 18:03:27 PST tzeng0831us bids $333.00

a little bit later

Feb-22-06 18:03:42 PST mcnuggets4540 makes a bid which brings
the winning amount to $333.33

How can that be? Once tzeng0831us placed the bid, mcnuggets4540 should have been forced to bid higher than the bid increment (I guess $5 at that level).



Yassou Vassilis,

Not quite, at the end of an auction, I think the final highest bid takes it all regardless of the bid increment.

Look at this other auction I just won:

Hp Auction

The last bids are separated only by 0.22 which is less than the auction increment.

FYI, my bid was 22.22

Best regards


Edited: 26 Feb 2006, 1:11 p.m.


That's right. mcnuggets4540 top bid was $333.33, which was barely enough to win.

From http://pages.ebay.com/help/buy/bid-increments.html:

Note: A bidder may be outbid by less than a full increment. This would happen if the winning bidder's maximum bid beats the second highest maximum by an amount less than the full increment.



ho ho I get it. My question was how did he get to place a bid that was less than the current bid plus the increment. But the current bid was not $333, it was around $192.

Thanks guys


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