48gx Statistics help please!


Hi, I have a HP 48gx calc and I'm taking a stats class. I need to know how to calculate combinations. Such as, if you toss a coin 10 times, how many different ways can you get 4 heads out of the 10. Or something with the lotto, if there are 52 numbers to choose from, and you can choose 6, how many possible combinations are there. I'm kind of a beginner with this calc, so go easy, haha. Thanks for the help!




I was told to put "COMB(10,4)" into the stack. Where can I find the COMB function? Thanks!


On the hp48 you will have to do

COMB can be found where indicated above or you can use the alpha key to enter [C][O][M][B]


Actually, on the 48 (and 49) series, COMB is a function, so 'COMB(10,4)' EVAL will indeed work, as long as the "fraction mark" is at the default of using the period. If the fraction mark is the comma, then use 'COMB(10.4)' EVAL instead. Either way, 'COMB(10;4)' EVAL works.

But Mario, note that the delimiters for an algebraic object are single-quotation marks, not double-quotation marks; "COMB(10,4)" is a character string. I suggest that you spend at least a little time reading the fine manual. Note that for the RPL models, you're likely to get a better response on the comp.sys.hp48 usenet group; see: http://groups.google.com/group/comp.sys.hp48?. Also see: http://www.hpcalc.org/

As an RPN sequence, 10 4 COMB also works.

On the 28S, COMB isn't a function, so the algebraic syntax won't work, and the 28C doesn't have a built-in COMB command.


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