HP-41 Battery contact flex-cable replacement


Whatever happened to the HP-41 battery contact flex-cable replacement I saw mentioned here several months ago? I wanted 2 of these, really expecting them to be mentioned here or receive an e-mail notice of there availability. My -41 is still reliably operating, but expect failure eventually as all battery contacts have had some corrosion from alkaline battery usage.



Hi Donald,

They're ready to ship, I posted a FS ad in the appropriate page at this very site last weekend... ;-)

Hope you find it useful.

Best regards.



Diego Diaz

I sent you two (2) seperate e-mails from your FS ad requesting that you set up a sale at PayPal for two (2) Flex PCB plus shipping to me within the USA 92335. So far I have not received an e-mail confirmation of this nor have I seen you listed on my account. What's happening?



Hi Donald,

I'm very sorry for the unwanted delay, please accept my apologies. Had to leave on tue. 21th due to personal issues and have just came back this very morning.

I've found several mails from people interested in the PCB replacement, I'll make my best to reply every one with the requested details during the weekend.

Again thanks for your interest and best regards from the Canaries.


NOTE: A new (edited) FS ad has been placed, including PayPal relevant info.

Edited: 25 Feb 2006, 9:54 a.m.

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