HP 65/67/97/41 Mag card template for MS Word



If anyone's interested, I just posted this to comp.sys.handhelds

It allows you to make professional looking (ie legible!) mag cards. You can use decal paper, white paper & glue, or just print the label cards themselves a la TI58 and keep your limited supply of cards clean and reusable.

Scissors not included - enjoy!



Hi John,

Many thanks for your Job.

I am unable to access to the site comp.sys.handhelds

Am I wrong somewhere.



If anyone needs a copy I can email you one, just send me your email address.



Hello John

Have have read your post and I´m very interested. Can you send me a copy to this address? ira@claro.jazztel.es

Thank you and best regards

Iñigo Rodriguez

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