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... New HPMuseum visitor ... Old HP user

From the recommendation of one of your frequent fliers, I have spent the past few hours flipping through some of the posts here -- time well spent! Not really understanding the depth of such eclectic gatherings until now, its really refreshing to find some fellow enthusiastic_enthusiasts_ (and by the sound of some of the healthier exchanges, I think I'm not alone here). Realizing that I am new to the whole group posting/discussion thing, it really sounds as if the core group of users here is:

. 1) excited about the topic,

. 2) encourage the 'kids' (as myself) to get involved,

. 3) offer 'actual' solutions (a rarity at best these days ...), and

. 4) provide a service for a topic that could easily be labeled as geek territory by 'normal' people (I'm an engineer geek myself ...)

Thanks, being sort of alone here in my appreciation for the HP stuff (and a big 41 fan), I'm glad you all have gathered. I hope to frequent often and pick up the little tidbits of hp lore.

. Like that quirky, backyard neighbor in Seinfeld, I'm anxious to 'participate' where I can. (Thanks to all for building that fence).


Welcome, Bryan!

The more, the merrier. I, too, am an HP-41C fan, and a longtime user of HP calculators.



Thanks! Hope to participate where and when I can.

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