Off-Topic: Postcards needed (especially International)


Sorry to post this off-topic post but I have a favor to ask. I hope the moderators don't mind this.

I said "especially international" but would like postcards from U.S. as well.

A friend has a 7 year old son who's class has a project to collect postcards (postmarks), from around the world (U.S. and International). If you have the time and with to help out, please send a post card to the address below. I'm sure Zach would appreciated it.

Ms. Clutts 1st grade class (attn: Zach)
Hollister Elementary School
1798 St HWY BB
Hollister MO 65672

I have found many great friends from around the world on the HP Museum site. I hope you don't mind helping out.

Thanks for your help,

Mike Davis

PS: Drop me an email, if you have sent one.

Edited: 15 Feb 2006, 12:00 p.m.

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