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Hi there,
In J-F Garnier's article 'HP-42S: New Facts', an HP-48 is needed to do a ROM dump. Is there any way to use an HP-200LX or an HP-41C?
I'd appreciate your input.


If any receiver can recive the Infa of 42S,that you can dump the rom to this receiver,because Hp48 can receive Infa of 42s,so dump 42s'rom need Hp48.



please take a look at www.hp42s.com ...




You need an HP48, but there's a better toolset available at Christoph Giesselink's EMU42 site. It still uses the same basic approach as JF's, with an HP48 receiving the ROM over IR from the 42S. But Christoph's package includes a better server for the HP-48 side, which allows you to download the ROM in one go. That's much better than doing it in small chunks as called for in JF's description.



Thanks a lot guys. Very informative.

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