HP71B- Main Machine



Like many of you, I own numerous high end HPs.

After all of these years, my "service revolver" is still the 71B with CMT massive RAM chip, HP41 Translator Pac, Finance Pac, and Statistics Pac.

Any other 71B users out there?

Is CMT still around?

John K. in DC


I am just getting into the 71B. Currently I am looking for a Math, Stat, and 41/71 traslator ROMs. A memory ROM would be nice too. As I said, just getting into it. I guess 20 years isn't too late?



I enjoy using the HP-71B with the Math ROm and the Curve Ft ROM. I have posted some HP-71B program on my website (click here). You can use the EMU71 to run these programs. So even if you have no phsyical HP-71B you can still use these programs.


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