41cx long continuous memory


Just FYI, I had the battery pack out of my 41CX for several hours this evening, and when i put it back in and powered it up, I still had all the programs and data. Pretty impressive...how big is that capacitor anyway?


Once I let the batteries out for at least two weeks, while on holidays, and when I put them in again everything was still there...

A well deserved C in its name!


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It is typical for these machines to last at last two weeks without batteries. I have seen them go well over a month. The CX's tend to hold up longer than the CV and C.

I wonder what they would do with a 1F supercap in them (probably never get it charged, and self discharge would not last much longer than the stock cap... but it would be worth trying).


In my 41CV, I have seen strange things with battery life from both ends of the spectrum. I have seen it last for more than a few days, but have seen the memory wiped during a conventional battery change.

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