Good buy - or goodbye?


I have been a HP fan since the 41s were introduced. Today I found that our U bookstore has a couple of 32S left over, at $80. What do you think? Should I pick up one?



Well, since you can easily buy a 32sii for $60 ($50 if you look hard) I would say it's NOT a good buy, especially since a 32sii is a better calculator. If you're specifically looking for a 32s, look at ebay. I saw one sell for $50-$60 last week.


A collector on here will want them to be sure (Tom?, Gene? who else?. Not a good buy for use, check Amazon on the 32sii or HP web when they happen to have some in stock!


I forgot to mention that the NIB 32S that I came across includes a "Pocket Professional" PC connecting kit (cable and program). Does that make any difference to the value ($80)?



No, the 32S does not connect to a PC

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