Looking for pdf Hp 42S manual


Hi, does anyone know where to find a pdf of the 42S manual? Or maybe can be so kind to email it to me...(ppl NOSPAM world at NOSPAM yahoo NOSPAM com)

I recently got a replacement 42S model and now I'd like to learn how to use it...

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Recently José Lauro Strapasson wrote an alternative HP-42S manual:


It might be useful until you get the original manual, which incidentally can be found in the Museum's DVD.




Manuals, actually.

There is the "HP-42S Owner's Handbook" as well as the "HP-42S Programming Examples & Techniques" manual. The DVD also has the HP-42S Mechanical Engineering solutions book, so that's really three manuals.



Hi Peter,

the 42S manual should be on the MoHPC CD/DVD;-)




Thanks guys!

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