RPN Simulator for PocketPC


Does anyone know of any good RPN (hopefully HP) simulators for the PocketPC? With using my HP all the time, a regular calculator is a bit hard for me to use and I would rather have a nice RPN calc that I can use on my PocketPC.



Hi John,

The best for the PPC is EMU42. See following link


Of course you will also need an actual HP-42S in order to download the ROM image. This is a true emulator since it uses the actual rom image.

There are some other simulators - check www.handango.com for some of the other commercially available HP simulators.

There's probally also some free HP simulatotrs out there also. Maybe someone else here know of some of them.

But EMU42 is the BEST - there's also a PC version.



Hi John,
just some quick links:

5 (search for eV41, cannot give direct link, sorry... old story)



it's really good.



Hi Gene,
actually it was link #4...



oops. ;-)


... not quite that hp-ish as you might want it to be, but with a very small ram footprint and easily operated with your bare fingers. my favourite.



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I have Ray's, but I just don't like it all that well.

- John

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