Implementing a second alpha register on the 41?


Has anyone implemented a second alpha register (a scratch register for holding temporary alpha data [for instance while switching between two XM-ascii-files])? I know this can be done with ASTO/ARCL 01-04, but has it been implemnted in MCODE? Also, has anyone implemented moving registers longer than 24 characters from one ascii file to another in an efficient way?

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you could use a buffer for these tasks.





Angel martin (who still owes us some manuals for his wonderful little pieces of works...) has programmed some functions that allow you to move the complete alpha register into a block of 4 registers and back with one line (A>RG and RG>A as well as ST>RG and RG>ST). This way you can quickly move a whole alpha into 4 consecutive regs and back. Works pretty neatly. They are part of the Sandbox as well as the Alpha modules from him. He has even made the MCode available (Fully documented!!!!!)

However, Raymonds suggestion works also for larger thatn 24 chars and serves your purpose potentially much better.



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