I found the listings of FORTH41 ROM-modules for the Hp41. Has anyone any idea of how it works and why the listings are adressed to 4000-4FFF and 5000-5FFF ??

Poul Kaarup, Denmark


It is listed as 4000 to 4FFF and 5000 to 5FFF because as one counts in hexadecimal 5000 comes immediatly after 4FFF.

1000 hex is 4KB, so the module is an 8KB module.

As to how to use it... Dunno.

Is the listing in machine readable form? Or is is on paper?



Yep, I know about the adresses, but the problem is that 4000 to 4FFF is the "port" for takeover ROMs and 5000 to 5FFF is the adresses where the TIME and CX functions are in the HP41CX.

I found it as a text-file on the french PPC-T site.



Oh, OK, now I get what you mean.

From what I recall, the FORTH was available before the CX came out. And from memory I think it may have taken over the whole calculator.

This is _really_ fuzzy though.

I'd also be keen to get more information.

I may try to get the file and have it burnt into an EPROM.


No need for an EPROM-box, try it in one of the emulators arround (J. P. Garnier's emu41.exe for DOS or Hrast Programmer's solution for Windos, the one from Warren Furlow on needs some fixing. I have to tell him why.)


Yeah, but it's so much nicer to run it on the real thing :-)

BTW, do you know of any way of getting modules dumped to use them on these emulators.

I have an eprom box built into a card reader, but no dox :-(



BTW, do you know of any way of getting modules dumped to use them on these emulators.

Yes, I do. The first ROM-images I made from the HP-41 operating system and plug-in modules by defining a HP-71B as an IL-Printer and "printing" the disassembler output of ZENROM to a file.
Today I would use a function of W&W's RAMbox to save a ROM to a LIF-disk, take this file binary to VM/ESA on a IBM host and convert it to what I like. Look at



Hello Mike,

do you have the procedure you used to define your hp71 as an IL printer?
I thank you in advance.

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