HP, one-stop shopping for all your business needs;-)




Three quite interesting articles there, Bill - thanks for the link. As someone who works from home a lot of the time, I'll take all the help I can get.

My office looks like the one in http://h71036.www7.hp.com/hho/cache/425-0-0-39-121.aspx, only it has many more books in the shelves (actually, here's an old pic - it's even worse now). And on the other side of the office, there's another 2 meter tall bookshelf, with one shelf full of HP calculator manuals and maths books. Any tips that can save space are welcome!


--- Les



Toss anything more than ten years old in the bin. Except for maybe the one volume of Knuth (why only one?)...

A Win95 resource guide... very useful :-)


Consider the Win95 and NT resource kits gone, Randy. I've also tossed the books on ancient Slackware and Caldera Linux. But I'm keeping the books on REXX and PL/I for sentimental reasons. ;)

As for Knuth - all three volumes are there - Vol 1 ("Fundamental Algorithms") is in green paperback form and is hidden behind the other two - Volume 3 is slightly obscuring Vol. 2, so that might be why they look like one, but you can *just* make out the two Addison Wesley logos at the bottom of the spines. In any case, your eyesight is excellent!


--- Les



I never knew they had been published in paperback. It's absolutely amazing what one can learn when discussing calculators!

PS: Your overloaded shelf caused me to do some cleaning as well. A bunch of Delphi and old VB stuff got the pitch. My three volumes of Knuth, original issue Intel 8008 and 8080 manuals will never go!

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