Inform Builder 1.8


Dear friends,

Does anyone has encountered bugs using IFB1.8 optimized for the HP49G+'s new display?

The IFB1.5 works fine on my HP48GX and it's is far the best Inform creator for the HP's ever made. But I could not run as expected on my HP49G+ (ROM revison #2.00)

The problem:

I create a full 2 columns by 4 rows( 8 labels and 8 data fields being the last 2 a listfield type) but when I run the compiled code inside a UserRPN program, it doesn't shows the labels in the fourth row. It shows only the data fields(ListFields)in the same 4th row. I noticed that I just get the fourth row labels if I move it up near the 3th row. I had installed twice both extable and IFB1.8 but the problem still remains.

Is it a bug or I missed something?

Thanks in advance,

Marx Pio



are you sure you used IFB 1.5 on your HP-48GX?

Or did you mean 49g?



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